Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Panic sets in!

LOL Don't you hate it when you realize you have 6 weeks of work and 2 weeks to do it? I hate that! I am sure it will be fine. Just to make sure, however, today I am going to make some lists. I want to be sure I have big lists of what I need to do in May for my family, my home, my expo, and my cruise. Oh, and the day after I get back is Casey's 11th birthday. Oh boy!

So, need a packing list for the cruise. I know I need to buy some slacks for dinner. I haven't even considered looking at the excursions. Maybe my excursion will be sitting on the balcony everywhere. Hmmm, not a bad idea really.

I have been working hard on Aspen's growing barking problem. She was starting to make me crazy! I realized I better start working with her. And, yahoo it is working. She is so loud, I guess German Shepherds are that way. =-)

So, my goal now is to make a plan to get out of town, get downline trained, and get myself to feel READY to roll. Oh yea, and to make sure Mike knows the kids schedules. Motherhood is really keeping a calendar and a list.

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