Friday, August 24, 2007

My New Game

LOL The latest thing I am into is the grocery game. For a small price they match up the local sales with newspaper coupons. I am finding that I am saving quite a bit, and am very happy about that. The more I save, the less I work! Oh that is too sad. If you want to try them out please use my address as a refferal. Thank you.

I am into the stockpiling of stuff right now. It is kinda neat. I have always liked not needing to buy stuff that often, so I was a big Costco shopper. But, I got tired of spending soooo much there. So, that is my new 'game.'

On a lighter note, Casey got contacts! Woohoo. He has been talking about them for awhile now. I think he is tired of dealing with glasses, and as a boy he is always tweaking them. So far he is doing really well with putting them in and getting them out. Today is day three, so hopefully it will be a success. He has beautiful eyes, so it is great to see them again!

I did work on a couple of cards for Susan's swap yesterday. I have been way more into scrabooking, and am actually caught up right now, which is weird. I have BOXES of stuff from my parents to deal with. I think that is my fall project. Overwhelming, but exciting. I think I get stuck on how to organize. But thankfully I use the post bound albums, so I can re order over and over instead of having to order before I scrapbook. I don't know what I will consider important and unimportant. But, I guess we will see as we go.

On a sad note my scanner is not working with my windows vista. So, I am going to hook it up to one of the kids computers and email it to myself for printing. Hopefully that will help with some of the chunky stuff. I really am looking forward to having less boxes of stuff.

Anyway, for those of you who check my blog (Hi Sue!) I am also going to try to post more often. No promise of pictures, but I can at least post what is going on and what projects I am working on.

Do you like my new counter? I LOVE it!


Sue said...

Lets see if this works!

Hi Liane! Stalking your a good way! Keeping you on your toes. Making sure you're blogging on a semi-regular basis!

Looks like there's others stalking as well by the neo-counter over there on the right hand side!


Liane said...

The counter is the best thing I have done. I am interested, so I remember to go there and blog! LOL How sad. I am so glad you got to comment! Wahoo.