Sunday, November 25, 2007

Thanksgiving was to give thanks for! =-)

We had a wonderful Turkey Day out at the beach with Bill and Danielle. They also had their neighbors (and our old neighbors) Dennis, Jeff and his daughter Allison (Karma had to waitress). Bill & Danielle's youngest son Mark and his family were there too. The cutest award of the day goes to all of the kids running toward the front yard.. Alec in the lead, with Casey, Allison(10), Peyton (9) and Parker (6) to follow... followed by Aspen (our shepherd). It was sooo cute! I wish I could have gotten my camera fast enough. But kids and a dog having fun. Wonderful.

The food was nothing short of spectacular, as was the wine. Zerba might be my new favorite red wine. YUM. Jeff owns the local Wine Haus. He knows well what to pair with what and what we all like! It is good to have friends... of course, I might still be happy with wine in a box if it weren't for him, and that would be good on my b
budget. Hehehehehehehe.

We ate turkey & ham (which I brought), stuffing, wild rice, potatoes, cranberry sauce, rolls, and three yummy pies..... all of which was homemade (oh except my ham! LOL). Spirited pumpkin, summer berry, and chocolate pecan pie.... OH MY! Awesome.

Friday I made a turkey and we had turkey, stuffing and potatoes again. I had to have lots of leftovers you know... ok the truth is my turkey didn't fit in the freezer so I had to cook it! LOL

I can't believe it is now the holiday season. My shopping for Alec is done. All of the out of town peoples gifts are wrapped and ready to mail. Yahoo! I have one more gift to buy for Casey. I still have one more gift to buy for Mike. I am going to be DONE this week! Wahoo. Mike also got the lights up outside on Friday (while I was shopping). So, on to the next thing.... the inside of the house. It is beginning to look a lot like Christmas.... are you ready? I am getting there!

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Diane said...

Love the picture of you and your hubby. :-) Zebra wine? Gonna have to try it.