Thursday, October 25, 2007

Thankful for....

I thought today would be a good time to think about a few things I am thankful for.... some are a little goofy, but they are all true! LOL

1. My family. They offer me the ability to have EVERY emotion known...sometimes within a few moments.
2. My pets. They are always expensive, but they sure do offer a lot of love as they follow me everywhere all day long. Kassie gets carried more than she used to, but if I don't pick her up she follows anyway, it is pretty darn cute.
3. The grocery game. Saving some money and I have way more food in the house than I ever did before.
4. Mike deciding to learn to cook. And, he is getting GOOD. I keep food in the house, he cooks it! Yahoo.
5. Our home in Hillsboro. It is way smaller than our beach house, but there is something cozy that I just love about it. I always feel warm and comfy here. It is just a great house in a central location.
6. Health care. I love knowing what is going on, rather than worrying and wondering.
7. Close To My Heart. Something I thought would just be a hobby, but has become so much more... friends, family, love...
8. Computers. I love being in the know, it is neat to just Google things!
9. The son of dad's college roommate: Steve. He is really a WWII buff and has shared SOOOO much about my dad and what he went through as a fighter pilot during the war. These are things I want to know, but am often too busy raising a family to research myself.
10. Blogs.... to see that I am not alone out there, others deal with many of the same issues!

Just a few things I really am thankful for.....

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