Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Here's to being gorgeous!

I absolutely love these stamps! They are just too fun! I hope you love them too.
It seems like it takes me awhile to learn things sometimes...
First, I now know that it is much easier to upload pictures to my blog from Picasa. Picasa is my free photo organizing software from google. I am pretty happy with it. I would love photo shop 6, but the idea of learning how to use it overwhelms me. SO I am liking Picasa.
Second, it took me long enough to get moving with google reader. I can keep all of the blogs I read in one place. When they update it shows up on google reader. So, if you don't update regularly, I don't waste time checking in! I love using the reader, it works for me.
Google images. Love using it. I can find out little things on there, like what someone looks like! Love google images.
Every day I click on the animal rescue site. Everyday. They give rescue sites $$ (food) based on the number of people who visit daily. The advertisers pay for it. I love that idea! I wish everyone would click on site everyday.
Just some random stuff for a random feeling kind of day.

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