Monday, March 10, 2008


Nothing like a puppy dog to make Monday seem better than it really is... The week isn't starting off too well, not that I thought it would.... but I wish it could have. =-( But, my girls sure make me feel better. I love this picture of Roxy's face. hehehehehe just too sweet. OK, and here is some artwork too!

This is kind of a fun and easy card. It doesn't look quite so off in real life! LOL Oh well.
I am excited as I am now almost ready for convention 2008 in Orlando. I have a hotel room and a flight! In a week I will get registered for convention... sunflower color. Yahoo! Florida at the end of July and early August. Thank God I hear you don't ever leave the Gaylord Resort!


Denise said...

BIG hugggggs

Diane said...

cute dog and cute card. :-)

Sue said...

Nothing like stealing a girl's card idea, huh?!

I get to see you in FOUR months!!! I am soooo flipping excited! Almost more excited to see you than I am about Convention! And I'm pretty stoked about Convention.