Thursday, March 13, 2008

Yesterday today and tomorrow

Yesterday was a good day. School wan't great, but Alec came home, ate his 2nd lunch and got some past work done. He was pleasant and fun to be around all day. His mood was teriffic. He even did his Geometry last night without complaining. It was a success we have not seen in quite awhile. Mike pointed out that maybe it is easier for Alec to deal with school work when he doesnt have to worry about getting to his games, computer, or tv.

Of course, being the parents we are we took all of the cords out of his room, so he can't sneak any time on any of those. LOL I know, you are proud aren't you!

On a side note, I have the worst headache! Not sure what is up with it, but man OUCH! I don't get a ton of headaches... but seems like when I do, I get a good one. I can tell it is a stress one, in the neck and shoulders as much as the head. OK, it can go away now, it is making getting work done tough.

Sadly this image is yucky, and I already sent it out, so I can't take a better picture! Bummer! But, she says it all.

I am soooo excited about my birthday gift. What? A ticket to Cirque du Soleil! This is one of many reasons I wanted back in the city. Yea. I can't wait. This is going to be good.

Back to work for me! Hugs


Diane said...

Hey there,
cute card! I'm glad the hear that Alec you had a great day. Those darn electronics.......who needs them.......trouble makers. LOL!
I asked Cory today, 'do you have homework?' No, he said. ya right, he was playing his Wii. I'll know when report cards come out. Then if the r. card is bad..out come the electronics and cords! :-)

Kim said...

When my older kids were younger, we had a no TV during the week rule. Boy did they look forward to Friday afternoons. It actually worked! Unfortunately, I let Mark slide. Usually the TV is off until the older kids come home. So, in that time, I make him work on his schoolwork. But, I do believe that "boob tube" is a distraction--hubby included. :) Okay, I am guilty too. I didn't even miss the TV with the writers on strike.

Jenn said...

Cute Card. WOW Cirque Du Soleil! Good for you. Enjoy.

Sue said...

We've seen two Cirque shows.

Alegria in Biloxi and LaNouba in Orlando. I'd love to see "O" and Mystere someday. If you're like me, your mouth will be gaping open thru the whole show!