Saturday, June 7, 2008

I don't wanna work, I wanna lay in the sun all day!

I think this is the card I am giving to Alec's school counselor. She is so bright and wonderful. I could not have asked for more this year. I am thankful for all of the people in education who do their best to partner with us to make our children's education better everyday. It is a hard job. I know first hand how many sleepless nights my DH has worrying that the right thing is done for the kids. The kids come first, no doubt about it!

We were going to the parade this morning. But I got up late and Mike was cleaning the house. So, no parade. He gets a bit obsessive compulsive sometimes. "It has been almost two weeks since the house was cleaned" Um yea.... well except for the bathrooms, and some vacuuming and dusting I did/do in between..... I wish he understood how seldom most clean their houses! Oy. Is this his mothers fault? Lets blame her! (Not really, she reads my blog and I know she isn't a compulsive cleaner... that is not to say her house isn't clean, oh boy I am digging myself into this one.... never mind)

So Mike was invited to play poker at the beach last night. He figured with the cost of gas it would cost $50 just to do that, plus poker money etc, so he didn't. I hate how much we have to watch our driving now! Too bad the Max (light rail) doesn't go out there!

Have a great Saturday.... whatever it becomes.

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Kathi Carlson said...

Cute card! Perfect for a guidance councelor - one that isn't old and stodgy anyway . . . Love your fairy cards, too. Fun stuff!!! TFS.

Jacqueline Tr├ęsBella said...

Love your card!


Diane said...

Wow Liane, you've really gone 'bella' these days. :-) Your cards are very cute. My goal today is to work in my scap room and get it organized so I can play Bella too. I have that goal a lot, don't I? LOL

Denise said...

LOL.. I laugh at Mike.. he is so funny. No wonder our hubbies get along so well. Too bad he couldn't make it out last night. Hoping one day that MAX will run this way. Toobad youmissed the parade.. you coudl have just gone where we went for the Starlight. Maybe next year.. and maybe we'll join you so Cam can see it just once for him to remember it. Have a good weekend!

Christi said...

This is too cute!!!

christine said...

awsome cards!!!! tyfs :)