Wednesday, April 2, 2008

April 2nd 1949

Was the day my parents had their church wedding. They were actually married in Japan during the occupation after WWII. They were married by the Japanese Consulate, the American Consulate and then in the church. My fathers mother was very unhappy to not be there, as this was her only child. My mothers father wasn't all too happy either. Although mom was the youngest of 12, she was her father's favorite. I surely know that they are together again. Mom never was the same after dad died in April of 1985. She only lived another 2 1/2 years. But I do always think of them on this day. Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad. I love and miss you both.

I am feeling my scrapbooking desires coming back. I have done quite a few cards in the past couple of days. But suddenly, I finished and thought, "ok, done." Yep, gonna dig out the boys school books. I hate working on those. I think I organized them and kept them simple from the beginning so I find them boring. But somehow I am wanting to get a bit more caught up on them. So, I am off to pick up Alec in a minute, and then I will come home and work on his school book. ONe great thing about a kid like Alec is that he remembers when each and every assignment was done... and what is his vs what is his brother's work. So, on the occasion that I forgot to write on the artwork or writing or photo I took. He will know!

Oh, enjoy the bella of the day.

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Sue said...

What a sweet tribute to your mom and dad.

Thank you for using a different sentinment than "You Rock" on the Bella card! I like "Soul Sisters" much better.