Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Tuesday Rocks!

I do love Tuesday's way more than Monday! Monday is my house cleaning day. And, I must say, this week, our house was GROSS! It took forever to clean. But, alas done until next week. I suppose it is shedding season. When you have three dogs though, everyday is shedding season! LOL

Yesterday was a tough one for Alec. But, he made it through. And, actually the homework time was not too painful. I do so love that child, and wow is he stubborn.

Casey has outdoor school coming up this week. He has had quite a bit of homework, including a paper he is writing that is due tomorrow. He chose to write this paper to share at a writers workshop at PSU on Saturday. It is wonderful that he didn't want to just use something he had already done. He did this last year too. It is a TAG event (talented & gifted) and loved it. They put kids in groups of all ages, so he will be with younger kids through college age. Neat huh?

I am pleased to report that my dear friends with the Wine Haus in Seaside are back open again! WAHOO. They closed for a few MONTHS due to a fire in another section of the outlet mall. So, I encourage you to buy buy buy from them! I can't imagine how far behind they are after a few months closed. Wow, that sure hurts a small business. Yikes.
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Lynn said...

This is a cool Bella card!
I like the yellow glitter and the designer paper you used!