Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Fourth Grade

Continuing on with my work on Alec's School Days album... This is the fourth grade photo. Wow, doesn't seem like 4 years ago!
I had a great weekend. Friday night I subbed for Bunco with a great group of ladies. They are so normal and fun! LOL It was sweetened by the game being in my neighborhood. So, I got to go and walk there and home. What a lovely night! One of the gals was 8 months pregnant, due May 25th. She had her baby early Sunday morning. The baby is now in NICU. My thoughts and prayers go out to them. Since we had two babies in the NICU, I completely understand how tough it is! I am sure all will be fine, but that doesn't make it easier when you go home without your baby.
On Saturday night I hung out in Vancouver. I met with Janelle and a couple of her friends for pedicures and game night. It was great, loved it! Since Mike worked alllll weekend, it was nice for me to get out for a bit.
Speaking of the DH. His computer lost a bunch of his latest work last week during the re imaging. It was an oops, and the computer guys apologized, but he still had tons of work to redo. So, he was at teh office both Friday and Saturday night as well as all day Saturday and Sunday. I don't so much love this time of year. But, I do hear he doesn't have something on Thursday night, so maybe he will be home for dinner! Hopefully...
Then onto my Sunday.... TAXES! I get a lot of crap for putting them off so long. But I think it is just the CTMH stuff I don't wanna deal with. I have a great filing system. I put it all in a drawer. (Is that awful or what!) Then at the end of the year I have to organize it. Every year I think I should get more organized, but I never do. Oh well. Thankfully we are getting a tiny bit back. I am pleased that I am making more with CTMH every year. But, I hate it on tax day. Hehehehehehehe..... I had a couple of investment questions that I had to call on Monday morning, then I hit FILE.... and off it went into cyber space. Yahoo
On Monday I had another tax appointment. Danielle came over for me to do her taxes. We did her taxes then did lunch. I also drove her downtown to pick up some cupcakes. YUM. She did take them home, so I sure appreciated her sharing some of them with us!
I am feeling pretty good today. Alec did come home 'sick' yesterday. I think I was so focused on taxes that I didn't want to fight with him about staying at school. He is always requiring all of my energy. LOL
Casey's science project got scrapped last week. After building 3 lie detector tests, it just didn't seem to be working. It was too random I guess. So he picked something else and is now working on that. We had to come upwith something that didn't take a lot of time, that was tough. But we did it! He also got to spend the night at the zoo on Friday. Zoo Snooze is a program that the TAG (talented and gifted) teacher took the TAG kids to! It was pretty neat I guess. I am glad to report that I didn't have to go with him. LOL
Anyway, lots of catch up items today. I have to get some stuff done, and make some time to work on Alec's school album. I didn't do my Monday house clean yesterday, so I guess today.... NOT.... looks like it will be next week! (Maybe I will vacuum some dog hair though... can't do that enough).
Here is to a great day! Cheers =-)


Kim said...

Isn't if fun going back to the kids and "their younger days". I'm doing that right now with Elizabeth. Where did the time go?

Diane said...

NORMAL???? LOL, at least I am. Ha ha ha ha. I'm glad that you got to play with us and it was great to see you. :-)