Thursday, April 26, 2007

Naked Butt

Kassie got her summer haircut today. I always put her in the lion cut for the summer. She really does look like a little lion. I always forget how tiny she is until they shave her back 3/4! Then I remember again, every spring. She looks teriffic, and seems to feel great too.

Aspen and I worked on "no bark" some more today. It finally seems to be working to squirt her with some water. Now I just say "no bark" and pick up the bottle, and she is quiet! Woohoo. I sure hope this works, because she has been getting worse.

Discovered that Alec wasn't being truthful about working on his 'book' project in his Language Arts class (that is what they call English now). So, that took up the better part of the afternoon into evening. The bottom line is now he is working on it, without any help (except to keep him in his room) and doing a great job! He is such a funny boy. So talented, and so stubborn. Oh, maybe he gets that from me.... a little anyway.

Casey is studying for his FOUR tests tomorrow. LOL I have a feeling if 5th grade is like this, I am really in for it during high school. Oh well, he is trying. And, that is important too. Another so talented and so stubborn.... I feel a theme.

Less than a month till cruise time. Woohoo, I am looking forward to a week off! Nite nite!

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