Saturday, January 26, 2008


My friend Olivia is here. She came over to play with ME and spend the day with ME. Guess what? Alec stole her... she is off playing with him instead. It soo isn't fair... Waaaa. OK, she is 3, so she probably likes Alec better, but still.... WA! Olivia is Janelle's darling daughter. I remember about 4 years ago when we first found out that Janelle was PG! I was sooo excited. Oh well, for them too.
Here is a card I made that was ispired by Adeline's retiform card. It took a very short time and was just fun to make.
It is very icey here in the NW. I drove home from Vancouver this morning and the main roads were fine. But my own neighborhood, ick. My own driveway, ick. It is about 31 degrees out, and noon. THe main road from here to the coast is closed due to icy conditions. OK, I am ready for spring now! LOL I am so glad I don't live in a place where it snows, that would be a bummer. Off to steal Olivia back from Alec...

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Denise said...

You just might get that snow!! So why no photos of the adorable Olivia?? Come on. been awhile since I haev even seen her. Am I surprised she off with Alec?? Nope. LOL have fun with her. Love the card!