Thursday, January 31, 2008

Brittany back to the hospital....

I dug out this old paper from CTMH with a new stamp set. Very nice. This is a very easy layout that always seems to look good. There is a concho in the middle of the flower, not sure if you can tell!
The good, no make that great, news in my life is that Alec made it through school yesterday. Yahoo. We had a really good day. I think maybe the new anti anxiety medication helped. He did call me once, at the end of first period. But I told him to go to class, and he did! WOOHOO.
On the surprise side Casey had a tough day. He had a poster due to his reading teacher and was unable to find four realistic things about his character. I didn't find them either. So, he left the poster at home instead of taking in incomplete. He would rather get in trouble for not having his homework than turn it in unfinished. I tried VERY hard to talk with him about how homework isn't supposed to be this stressful and I was POSITIVE that his teacher would understand. But he is stubborn.... I wonder where he gets this? Maybe one of his many aunts (ya know, you ladies that read this blog). Certainly couldn't be both of his parents..... Anyway I emailed his teacher, and I came clean and told him. He was furious with me. He hates people seeing him as less than perfect I guess. I assured him that this was nothing to be embarrassed about. I hope he believed it.... Anyway, I guess this didn't really make for a tough day, just a teachable moment.
I am working on a true fit folio project for the Heirloom Show in March. I am enjoying just playing instead of trying to accomplish something. Maybe it was time for a break. I feel good this week. Alec being at school yesterday was WONDERFUL, if only because it gave me a tiny bit of alone time. Well, time for me and the girls (ya know, the short hairy people with four legs that live here.) Boy, I am getting chatty in my old age.
BTW, did you notice that this post has NOTHING to do with Brittany back to the hospital? LOL Poor girl, I do feel for her, clearly she needs meds!!!!!!


Diane said...

Ba ha ha ha, I was wondering what the heck you were talking about. I read your blog entry twice but did not read the very bottom until the second time.
Once again, pretty card. :)

Sue said...

I will volunteer to be the Auntie that Casey takes after! Cuz I can be a stubborn cuss!

Love the card. Sometimes simple is best!