Sunday, January 27, 2008


Well, so much for the good day theorey. It wasn't a bad day, just didn't turn out the way I was hoping in my last post. I did go shopping, I did get the newspaper, I did get off the couch! Oh well. Alec had to do homework today. It is soooo very painful to work with him. He won't do anything without a complaint. We are working on drafting a letter to Dr Phil. Maybe he can help us.... I kind of feel like we are scraping the bottom of the barrel. We did find a parent support group sort of nearby. We plan to go there on Friday night. We need some support because things have gotten worse this year, instead of better. Worse really by a lot.... I did go to the gym, yahoo. I have been really good about that. I am actually glad to be exercising some again. Not really watching my food intake, but very glad to be exercising. It feels good to sweat some of my frustration out. And, I love that we have a gym in the neighborhood. (Oh yes, one of the reasons I wanted to buy here.) Off to eat dinner. Yahoo.... london broil, fresh veggies, and rolls... yummy.

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