Friday, January 11, 2008

life n stuff

It is Friday. That is good. I went to the post office twice in the last two days, too much! I am looking at my calendar for next week. It is good and bad. There are doctor appointments everywhere. Monday I go to my doc to discuss my meds.... NEED MANY MORE PLEASE. Hopefully that will go well. I did the bloodwork this week, so that was good! Tuesday Alec has an apt, Wednesday is Mike, Thursday is me at the dentist for a few hours... grrrr. This is the third portion of my mouth so that will be 3/4 done after this appointment. I don't know what happened with my teeth in the past 8 years, but they just aren't as strong as they were! Well, part of it is the old silver fillings. Part of it is a crown that was built like a box, instead of like a tooth. So, that top right side of my mouth shall be fixed by noon on Thursday. I like this Hillsboro dentist, he is always spending the amount of time he tells me, not twice as long... maybe I should wait until next week to post that! Oh brother.... Then Friday, heck I forget, but there is a doc apt for someone that day too. The calendar looks funny with all that red ink.

I have no big plans for the weekend. But today I hope to work on some projects to do as create and takes at the March 15th and 16th Heirloom show here in Portland. That is such a fun show. I am looking forward to it already. If only I order the right things that will sell sell sell.

I tried to post Susan's pictures of her tag album, it is very cute. I guess you have to go look at her blog to see them, It is worth the visit, very nice with the new black and whites. I love those. I have been seriously thinking about buying Adobe Photoshop before I do all my parents old photos. That way I can touch them all up and make them beautiful before I use them. Of course, that sounds like a LOT of work. This is one thing about being an only child... I have hundreds, yea thousands, of photos from the early 1900's through the 1960's that I haven't touched yet. So, I better get on it! LOL

Dinner at Chevy's last night. I got the mixed grill fajitas. OMG they are my favorite! LOVE them! That was a nice change. Mike pointed out that since he took leftovers today, that will be five days in a row he had Mexican food for lunch. Mind you this was a victory, not a complaint. It is our favorite and sometimes I have thought I was born into the wrong country. LOL

Here is to a good day, and a better weekend! =-)

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Jenn said...

Oh Liane, I hate weeks like this with something planned everyday especially doctor's appts. I hope you get the meds you need and the appts. for Mike and Alec go well.