Monday, February 18, 2008

Butterfllies Bring Joy

I had to 'copy' Ali Edwards idea from her blog. Mine is pretty different, but equally fun. I wish it looked as good in the picture as in person. I used my new (LOL) butterfly punch in paper scraps. It doesn't actually punch out the butterfly, but makes wings you can pick up. Cool huh? Then I framed it in a shadow box. Oh well, first I put them on Bamboo Textured Cardstock. the c/s is 8x10. If you click on the pic it makes it bigger.

Alec still isn't doing ANY homework. He doesn't get that when grades come out and his are lousy that he will lose ALL of his electronics until the next grading period. It will be truly painful for him I am positive. He is just all about not doing anything that he doesn't want to do.

I am looking forward to this week. It appears that spring is on its way! Wahoo. I sure hope so. I am ready for some warm and SUNNY weather. Here is to a joyful week, for all of us!


Sue said...

That is just too stankin' cute! Love the fact that your butterfly actually seems to be flying.

I'm sorry Alec is still not doing his homework. Maybe the tough love lesson will help him to understand the importance of homework and getting it done.

Diane said...

wow, what a great project!
cool punch.
I totally back you up with Alec and the disapline. Special needs or not, I think that kids need to know what is expected of them. Taking away electronic always seems to work in our house. Huh, what is that telling us? That our kids are addicted to them. LOL!

Denise said...

that is sooo freakin' cute.. you are so the woman!!
Sorry about Alec.. it will be pure torture for him when he looses these. Does he not realize?? okay don't answer that because I just did.. HA! The rain is coming.. sorry- it's here-heading yourway. Telling ya Arizona is looking good again to me!!