Friday, February 22, 2008

Freaky Friday! Alec went to school =-)

I can not believe that I can't add an image again. Grrrr. It is making me nuts, I have tried about 10 times so far...

I am glad it is Friday. I love the idea of sleeping in on Saturday. I am just not one of those people who wants to get up early and 'do' something. I just want to stay in bed, usually with my pekingese princess, and sleep. Sometimes I am the last one up... but as the boys get a little older they are starting to challenge me for that prize.

Alec and Casey both stayed home from school on Thursday. Casey seems to have a cold. But I have him chewing zinc gum and using salene, so he seems to be on the upswing. He told me he is going to rest this weekend! Alec, of course, wasn't really sick. His throat was a little red, but he was fine by 10 am. It just isn't worth the fight all days. So, yesterday we stayed home. The boys watched TV most of the day. I played in my scrapbook room... well I should call it my stamp room now because I haven't scrapbooked in forever.

Today both boys went to school & I played in my stamp room again. LOL By the time Mike got home the kitchen was a mess. I was upstairs working (um playing really) and they were making snacks and making a mess. I love boys. LOL They crack me up.

Alec had a pretty good day again today. He did have an issue in Science class, and get tossed out. He got angry and told a kid, "where to go." Oh brother Alec, you so know better. But, if he is in 3/4 classes that is a good thing. So, I think maybe the meds are definitely working. He does stress about noise & visual stimulus... but he is de-escelating much faster. And for that, I am very very thankful!

So, I ordered the new Reflections book from CTMH. I can't wait to get it. It is a re-done version of an old program. It is supposed to be awesome. I also ordered the newer watercolor pencils from CTMH. I understand that they are labeled with the CTMH colors, neat.

Signing off for now.... from the crazy animal lady!

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Kim said...

Hey Liane. Glad all is well. Check out my blog. I tagged you!